Greenpeace Report: Ancaman Mikroplastik dalam Galon Sekali Pakai


Last week, Greenpeace Indonesia has published a report entitled: Ancaman Kontaminasi Plastik dalam Galon Sekali Pakai. This in-depth report discussing about the newest phenomenon in water bottling industry. At least two big brands of water bottle announced that they now produce single-use gallons to their consumers. Yes, this-is-happened.

So, the researcher team from Greenpeace Indonesia, collaborating with researchers from Universitas Indonesia, held a joint-research to make sure, "is the single-use gallon is really free from microplastic particles?" As a comparation, they also take samples from two water springs so the readers can compare how many microplastic particles between those subjects.

I'm glad can help them to convert their intensive report into magazine-styled report. Or just call this as an 'editorial design'.

And yes, the document attached below this post was the result. Feel free to download and share this .pdf among your colleagues. Again, this report should make clear that single-use-plastic, at any form, is still plastic that will polluting our beloved-and-only Earth, at a long term.